Car thief


You want to escape the daily routine again and so you are planning a trip to the see with your friends. Your father has a cool cabriolet, but he will certainly not borrow it to you for such a trip. You decide to “borrow” it unnoticed on your own. You and your friends are going to the weekend-house of your parents (where the cabriolet is), but first you have to find the key to the garage. Try to start the car due to logic, creativity and teamwork. BUT unfortunately you were too loud and the neighbors called the police. Because you don’t want to get caught, you should be gone within 60 minutes.

Treasure hunt

You have recently committed a burglary and you made a lot of cash. One of you has hidden the money in his living room, but got caught by the police. You have to find the prey as soon as possible, before the police gets in the apartment. You know that your friend has hidden the key to the treasure in his secret office. If you can find the money before the police arrives (60 minutes) your friend will be free again for lack of evidence.

Prison Escape


Wrong time – wrong place! The police arrested you and now your are caught in prison innocently. The only way to prove your innocence is to find the right villains. However – therefore you have to get out of prison as soon as possible. Former criminals have hidden a lot of material in the cells and another prisoner told you about a corrupt warden. His working shift will end in 60 minutes and after he will be on holiday for long time. Free each other from the cells and find the way to freedom by good teamwork.